Sound-Eklin Small Animal

DR Smart
DR Smart

SMART DR™ Incorporates the wisdom gained from thousands of systems, tens of thousands of users and millions of exams.

From rat to rhino, MUSICA removes the need for patient and view specific tuning files.

Sharp bone and soft tissue detail in the same image
Consistent image quality across anatomy, views and users
Realistic representation of anatomy, not over processed
Gold standard in human and veterinary radiology
Redefining image quality with consistency and superior contrast detail day-to-day, view-to-view, user-to-user. So good its...



TruDR cSeries
TruDR cSeries

TruDR cSeries

Veterinary Digital Radiography & Vet X Rays - TruDR cSeries
Your Practice, Your Image

The proven reliability of Canon Digital Radiography brought to you by Sound-Eklin® — the uncontested world leader in Canon imaging systems for the veterinary industry.

TruDR™ cSeries® provides you with every image of the diagnostic standard that has been chosen by more radiologists and veterinary schools than any other.

Customizable Image Tuning

Multiple user definable image parameters allow you to customize presentation, so every image comes up the way you like it.

Flexible Protocols

Customizable protocols enable a single click selection for a complete examination, streamlining your work flow.

Sound-Eklin® Optimized

Nearly a decade of experience and thousands of systems installed has given Sound-Eklin® the experience and ability to leverage our partnership with Canon to configure, deliver and support your system — unlike anyone else in the industry.

TruDR eSeries
TruDR eSeries

TruDR eSeries

TruDR eSeries - Equine X Ray Equipment
The Standard for Veterinary Digital Radiography
Designed specifically to optimize your efficiency, image quality, and return on investment. The TruDR™ eSeries® can be configured to fit any practice and any budget.

TruDR™ eSeries® Workflow

Images are automatically distributed to PACS and destinations of your choice.

Enhanced Modality Worklist support - eliminate data entry errors.
Intuitive easy-to-use interface
Customizable Protocols that speed-up exams while increasing revenue and quality
Images in under 6 seconds from exposure
Images are automatically distributed to PACS
Positioning Assistant™ is available to aid positioning and orientation
Automatic updates engine