Sound-Eklin Equine


SPRINT AIR is designed to take the weight off your shoulders and support the daily challenges of your mobile equine veterinary practice.

With the fewest possible moving parts, SPRINT AIR is efficient and durable. But guess what’s missing? No sync cables. Canon’s latest autosense – non-generator connection mode is a major medical advance, now available horse-side.

Packaged in a tough ballistic nylon pack
SPRINT AIR can run on battery power for a typical full day’s work and plug in for those endless days.

With the legendary Canon reliability, SPRINT AIR integrates the latest technology with industry standard image quality in a powerful, go anywhere, image anything platform

Work anywhere, stow anywhere. SPRINT AIR is a productive and profitable asset in your practice.

Completely Wireless
The Canon CXDI-801C lightweight, wireless DR panel features autosense — non-generator connection mode.

18 pounds (8 kg) self-contained, including DR panel
Several panel holder options
Easy transport. Multiple carrying options
The remote laptop for image acquisition and review works off battery or can plug-in providing a new level of flexibility in workflow.

Sound-Eklin® veterinary optimized algorithms and protocols

Seamless Wireless Integration from Capture to Cloud

Grab your SPRINT AIR Canon-Powered Ultralight DR off the truck and be set up and shooting in about two minutes with Sound-Eklin’s® most streamlined equine digital radiography workflow ever.

With SPRINT AIR we raised the bar even higher! 100% wireless system features the latest technologies:

Canon DR’s exceptional image capture with autosense, Macbook Pro’s amazing retina display and flash architecture and storage, all flowing from capture to cloud to review. The Sound-Eklin® SPRINT AIR is designed to be reliable, fast and flexible. Your increased productivity allows greater focus on your patient, which always supports a stronger bottom line..


Speed & Flexibility Without Sacrifice

SPRINT BOLT allows you to focus on patients, not wrestle with cables or complex workflows.

You spoke we listened. The SPRINT BOLT sets up quickly, is reliable and rugged enough to handle the daily challenges of the mobile equine practice.

SPRINT BOLT incorporates the latest 100% wireless technologies including Wi-Fi acquisition computer, wireless Cesium panel and AutoSense.

The groundbreaking AutoSense technology automatically detects X-rays from any generator and does away with sync wires, sync boxes and sync batteries delivering 100% wireless freedom.