Joint / Tendon


A Simpler, Easier Way to
Prepare a Platelet Therapy

No centrifuge, no additional equipment, just 15 minutes from blood draw to delivery.

Outpatient procedure
No additional equipment or outside lab processing required
Can be done in the office, in the field, or even in a client’s home
Gentle gravity filtration is easy on platelets, creating a high quality platelet therapy rich in growth factors
Once the blood is drawn, preparing the platelet therapy takes approximately 15 minutes. Including the blood draw and injection, a single treatment typically takes 30 minutes.
Autologous preparation reduces the risk of immune mediated reactions

Synocrom Forte (one) Hyaluronic Acid
Synocrom Forte (one) Hyaluronic Acid

Synocrom® Forte is an innovative product for viscosupplementation therapy of synovial joints. Synocrom® Forte offers a significantly faster onset of action, less riks of infection due to less injections because of a higher concentration and a long duration of action - ideal for the individual needs of the patient.

Synocrom® Forte is a stabilized, cross linked, aqueous 2% sodium hyaluronate solution with a high molecular weight (2,1milj Dalton after sterilization). One syringe of 2 ml contains 40 mg of stabilized sodium hyaluronate.

Synocrom® Forte One is used for the treatment of larger joints. One syringe contains 4 ml or 80 mg of stabilized sodium hyaluronate.

ostenil plus
ostenil plus

Flexible treatment scheme with high dose HA 2%

- HA obtained from bacterial fermentation
- HA 2% (40 mg/2 ml)
- Molecular weight:1-2 million Daltons
- Mannitol 0.5% (10 mg/2 ml)
- 2 ml pre-filled syringe

Mannitol-stabilised high dose HA 2%.

Mannitol acts as a free radical scavenger which protects HA from rapid depolymerisation.

The formulation offers the possibility of increasing the intervals between injections.

Sustained efficacy with reduced number of


0.5% Sodium Hyaluronate

Composition: Each 1ml of solution contains: sodium hyaluronate 5.0 mg, sodium
chloride, disodium-hydrogenphosphate, monosodium-hydrogenphosphate and water for
injections. The solution is isotonic.

VISCOSEAL® is a viscoelastic solution containing hyaluronic acid. This solution has viscoelastic properties that are very close to those of normal synovial fluid.

VISCOSEAL® is indicated as a synovial fluid replacement after arthroscopy. In clinical trials, it has been shown to relieve post-arthroscopic symptoms such as pain, swelling and impaired joint mobility, and to promote joint recovery.

VISCOSEAL® is administered into the joint cavity at the end of the arthroscopic procedure.

VISCOSEAL® is designed to aid recovery after arthroscopy

DOILS Nutriceuticoils
DOILS Nutriceuticoils

Nutriceuticoils markets high quality food additives for which there is scientific evidence that they are beneficial for the health and in prevention of diseases.