Proper maintenance of Instruments
Proper maintenance of Instruments

Due to many enquiries from veterinary surgeons regarding the prepara- tion of instruments, the Instrument Preparation Working Group (AKI) decided to become involved in this sector too. A green brochure has been developed in cooperation with veterinary surgeons and the rele- vant industry alongside the red brochure for human medicine instru- ments and the yellow brochure for the dental sector. During the revision of the brochure regarding its content it became clear that the recom- mendations from the human sector could be adapted.
Beyond that, the green brochure also contains references for specific instruments, like e.g. clippers.

Melag Euroklav 23 VS
Melag Euroklav 23 VS

Euroklav 23 VS+

"Class S" with pre-vacuum and vacuum drying
MELAG offers practices an economically alternative to the "Vacuklav" series with its Euroklav 23 VS+, which, by reason of the instruments and the type of wrapping used there, require no "Class B" autoclaves.

The Euroklav 23 VS+, being larger than the Euroklav 29 VS+, is especially suitable for practices that want to sterilize longer instruments, wrapping or cassettes, because it has a chamber volume of 22 litres (depth of chamber is 45cm).

The Euroklav 23 VS+ features four "Class S" programs for sterilization of unwrapped or wrapped instruments and textiles.

The powerful and efficient vacuum pump creates a simple pre-vacuum for safe removal of air before sterilization and for optimal post-drying of the instruments after sterilization.

The modern electronic design permits versatility in batch documentation, by integrating with the network , through the compact flash card or as well as with the known MELAprint42log printer.

Melag Vacuklav 24BL
Melag Vacuklav 24BL

The spacious miracle with depths of 60 cm internal space
The Vacuklav 24 B/L+ features an especially deep sterilization chamber (60 cm, volume of 29 litres) and is thereby especially suited to practices and hospitals that wish to sterilize extra-long instrument sets quickly.

The technical equipment is equivalent to the Vacuklav 24 B+.

Special advantages are the high performance, water cooled vacuum pump with its high reliability, its ease of use and the versatility of batch documentation.